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Ms. Locklear brings 17 years of experience in Domestic Violence Advocacy, with a decade dedicated to direct services as both an advocate and Shelter Director at a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault/Human Trafficking Agency. In these roles, she has actively engaged with state and federally funded grants, focusing on delivering culturally congruent services to the American Indian community.


Currently serving as the Director of Victim Services Programs at the NC Commission of Indian Affairs within the Department of Administration, she continues to champion the cause.

Throughout her career, Ms. Locklear has been involved in various projects in North Carolina, committed to aiding and informing victims of violence within tribal communities. Her contributions extend to serving on the board of the NC Coalition Against Human Trafficking, The Governors Interstate Indian Council, and the Cumberland County Re-Entry Council.


For the past five years, she has taken on the responsibility of drafting the Governor’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Awareness Day Proclamation. Driven by a goal to assist victims of interpersonal violence in North Carolina and tribal communities, Ms. Locklear strives to ensure the provision of culturally specific services that contribute to supportive care.

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